Practice Information


My approach

My approach with clients is to encourage a safe and comfortable space so that you can relax and be open to your therapy. My first full session is almost always a detailed case-taking so that I get a good idea of what is going on. Often it is not possible to predict how many sessions will be required so I suggest working in blocks of three, checking and reviewing as we progress and working to complete your therapy in the minimum amount of sessions. We will agree your therapy goals at the outset and ensure we stay on track; on occasion a client may wish to revise these once therapy begins which is perfectly ok and usually a sign that we have moved from working on a peripheral issue to a more central/core issue.

My commitment to you

  • You will always be the one to control your therapy; my role is to help you to see new possibilities and make changes where you wish to make them.
  • I will always endeavour to complete your therapy in the minimum number of sessions. Receipts for all work are available on request.
  • I do not seek to ‘fix’ clients, rather I work with a client to assist and empower them to make the change.
  • All our work is confidential. If there is reason to believe there is real concern for your safety, or that of someone else involved, I am legally obliged to report it; however, I will always seek to inform you of this first.
  • During your appointment you have my undivided attention in a compassionate, supportive and, where appropriate, challenging way.
  • I will seek your permission to contact your GP where I deem it advisable.


Your commitment to your therapy

  • You will commit to make all your appointments on time.
  • Please provide a minimum notice of 24 hours if you are not able to attend.
  • Pay for all your sessions.
  • Keep me up to date with any changes to medication, mental or physical health, or involvement of other health professionals.
  • Let me know if there is anything causing you discomfort.
  • If you are on a tight time schedule, please let me know and I will ensure we keep to schedule and you get away on time.

Practice Fees

Payments can be made by:

  • Cash, credit or debit card – payments made on the day of your consultation.
  • Bank transfer or PayPal – for payments being made in advance.

 Initial Consultation                          20-30 minutes                       £Free

Standard Appointments                 50-60 minutes                       £55

Intake Appointments                      90-120 minutes                     £70

Extended Appointments                 80-90 minutes                       £70

Quit Smoking Package                                                                    £145

BWRT® Life Coaching Programme 6 x sessions                        £350
Where it is identified that it will take longer than 6 sessions, a revised price will be discussed.

BWRT® Coaching for weight loss  6 x sessions                         £350 
Where it is identified that it will take longer than 6 sessions, a revised price will be discussed.

BWRT® ‘Mojo’ Repair                                   1 session                 £70

Paypal Session Payments

Consultation Options: