“Perhaps the greatest gift to the world, is a healthy and well cared for You.”


Hello! I am Tanya.

A wellness coach with a background in psycho-therapeutics, homeopathy, and, an early life management career in financial services. I qualified as a Practitioner of homeopathy in 2007 after a four year study course. I went on to work in a small homeopathic company until 2009 and then took a few years out on having my daughter and growing into the role of a mum. To re-enter the work world I decided to study further the mind element of well-being which fascinated me. I'm a qualified Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®), OldPain2Go, WSN Counselling and I've worked with a range of mental, emotional and physical issues.  

In 2018, I was introduced to NES Health bioenergetics. Within days of exploring their system I knew that I'd found my calling, and during lockdown I took the opportunity to train and invest with NES to become a certified independent NES Health Practitioner. The wealth of information that NES Health provides has been inspirational and I've been impressed with the impact of their proprietary infoceuticals and miHealth technology for myself, family, friends and clients. It allows me to support clients, in-person and online, with a truly transformational wellness system. This systems recognises the inter-connectedness of all things and matches so closely my own experience of working with client challenges.

I haven't always felt so aligned to who I am and my sense of purpose...

If someone had asked me what was wrong when I was in my twenties and early thirties, I'd have probably denied there was anything. I could not make sense of my life, I was numbing what I was feeling with non-stop doing, juggling career, social and personal relationships, sports and other activities; anything that served to keep me preoccupied and in denial of how I truly felt and how unwell I was becoming through not listening to what my body was trying to tell me. With the benefit of hindsight (vast amounts of learning and much introspection), I can see how out of alignment I had become with who I really was. I had no connection with what to create in my life, what would bring me joy, as well as a sense of purpose. Instead, I swallowed my emotions, nurtured my stress with coffee, tea, and lots of chocolate, and generally treated my body as a servant that rarely did a good job. When my body struggled or if things weren’t working well in my life I criticized my body for failing to do what I needed it to, I'd pop in some medication, or I’d blame some thing or some one else for my feeling disgruntled.

I was getting regular wake-up calls but I was oblivious to them all.  I really had no awareness of just how deeply unhappy I was until a series of events occurred that brought me to a place of knowing that I had to stop, I had to do something to break the cycle I was in.  This was in my late twenties, one such event was my mother passing away and whilst I had known it was coming I had refused to face it, refused to acknowledge what it meant to me.  Every other area of my life started to collapse and I was making one bad decision after another but still I couldn’t recognize that this was a pattern that had been going on for a while.  I literally reached a point where I no longer recognised the person in the mirror, and with it came the certainty that I had to make a big change. Rapidly, my relationship, career and ability to keep going spiralled downwards and all I remember feeling was that I had to escape, anything was better than staying put with the pain I was feeling inside which I could no longer hide. It really felt like I had reached a 'do or die' moment.

And so it was, in 2001, I left my career without a clue where to go or what to do; I took my first conscious leap of faith. Despite being quite a fearful individual, something greater than myself called me to go travelling and so I put my self-doubt in my pocket and stepped unknowingly on to an airplane, the first of many journeys that lasted 18 months. I learned more in those 18 months than any time since childhood where everything is a learning experience. I discovered that our reality is just something shaped by our cultural background and upbringing, essentially the thoughts and beliefs we form in our early years. That was a game-changer! Stepping out of routine and familiarity and living day-to-day showed me how we can truly be the master of our reality when we decide to pay close attention to the messages from the heart.

As my period of travel came to and end, and having been introduced to homeopathy when I was experiencing constant health issues, I decided to embark on a period of study.  At this point homeopathy was quite an enigma to me as I had no understanding of the energetic existence of life but I couldn’t deny the positive affect it started having on me. My physical and mental well-being responded well and what started as a hobby-like curiosity became the new direction for my life. As I studied, I took contract work or worked part time to fund my way and in doing so discovered just how supported we are when we learn to trust and follow our heart's knowing.

I now see how we can be kept hostage by our unconscious mind, the beliefs, habitual thinking, fear-based ways of being that constantly pull us away from anything that may cause pain or discomfort; yet time and again, this is actually the route for our growth and expansion in to more of who we are and what life has to offer. Discovering how to allow myself to be vulnerable in order to find courage and perseverance, embracing challenges in order to develop resilience, and recognising that when you step into a life less ordinary your rewards come in ways you might never expect.

There are some useful life-coaching screens based on things such as the Hero's Journey, the Creative Journey, or the archetypes to name a few. These can help us to recognise aspects of our persona, beliefs and thoughts that might be causing us stress and distorting our energy field. If you are ready to embark on your own wellness journey and interested in learning more about how I and bio-energetics may support you, then please get in touch, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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