Bio = life, living

Energetics = study of energy

"Bioenergetics is the study of how energy flows through a living system".

Bioenergetics is the study of how energy flows through a living  system.  Some times bioenergetics is described as a branch of biochemistry although it is more accurate to say it is the biohpysics of the body. 

It is the  information that flows through and around informing all functioning aspects what needs to be done. In bioenergetics we compare the blueprint of the human with that of an individual’s energy field and, having established what aspects of the field are seeking support, provide a means for the body-field to re-align itself for optimal health.

Most people can benefit from using the NESHealth bioenergetic system, whether it's simply desiring more vitality, improving performance, improving lifestyle, or addressing specific health concerns.

Some of the challenges we work with are: chronic fatigue, sleep difficulties, emotional upset, spiritual crisis, immune function, weight, aches and pains. A wide variety of mental and physical stress-related issues.

As Practitioners qualified in many other energy and health care modalities, we may also make suggestions outside of the NESHealth bioenergetic system.

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