Clinical Hypnotherapy

The key component in Clinical Hynotherapy is the use of hypnosis to affect a change of thinking and feeling. For the purpose of therapy, hypnosis involves creating a relaxed and open state of mind where the conscious mind is sufficiently relaxed to allow the subconscious (habitual) mind to be able to hear suggestions for positive change. At no point is a client completely out of control and they can choose to leave the hypnotic state at any point. With today’s busy lifestyles, most people benefit from being able to enter a more relaxed state of mind, not dissimilar to a meditative state, hypnotherapy uses this state to bring about positive changes to the client’s wellbeing.

Hypnosis cannot make you do or be anything you wouldn’t wish for.  Stage hypnosis is very different from Clinical hypnosis and a Clinical hypnotherapist is not seeking to select you based on your suggestibility and/or manipulate any aspect of who you are and how you behave other than that which you are seeking to influence in some positive way.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can be used for a wide range of situations whether you are looking to give up an unwanted habit, deal with a life issue, feel better about yourself, increase your motivation, and many other situations. If you’re not sure whether hypnotherapy is right for you, get in touch and we can discuss what you are looking for and how it may help.

Is hypnosis for you?

There are many different methods for helping someone to achieve a relaxed state and what works for one person may not work for another. For example, someone with a busy analytical mind is likely to need a different approach to someone who has a highly active imagination. If you’d like to experience more, you could always listen to some recordings – meditation or hypnosis – on youtube and see which appear to work more for you. It can be something as simple as someone’s particular voice, the presence of music or some other rhythmic sound, or perhaps a vivid script that works for you.

Hypnotherapy - unlocking your natural resources
Hypnotherapy - helping you with many habits and issues

Hynotherapy for a wide range of situations

Hypnotherapy is used for a wide range of situations such as to give up an unwanted habit, deal with a life issue, feel better about yourself, increase your motivation. It has become particularly well known for success in helping people to stop smoking. I use an Easy Quit Smoking methodology which involves completion of an initial short questionnaire, a preliminary consultation to assess suitability, motivations for quitting etc. as well as address any concerns you may have, and then followed by a two hour appointment that creates the necessary movement away from the habit.

Please note: – Your therapy process may also involve other aspects as well as the hypnosis such as conscious analytical therapy, hypno-analysis, cognitive behavioural therapy, Parts work etc.. This will always be discussed with you prior to the start of your therapy.