There are times in our lives when we all need a bit of help making sense of what we are experiencing and how we are feeling. Making a shift in mindset or behaviour is great when we know what change we wish to make but sometimes we need to first explore what is causing us to feel the discomfort or challenge in our lives. There are many ways of doing this and WSN-Counselling is one of my favourites, which is also popular with clients, is a methodology that relates to what it is to be human and how different parts of us come together through our mindset, values, behaviour, skills, attitude and external appearance.

WSN – The Journey

In psychology, archetypes are used to suggest people types that we have embedded within our psyche e.g. the hero or the villain, all of which we can see when watching films portraying strong characters. There are many archetype models recognised today; the three archetypes we will be exploring come from the premis that we are the genetic sum of our ancestors so by looking back to these earlier civilisations we can see more clearly a few generic types of individuals, the warrior, settler and nomad. I particularly like this model as people can identify each easily and it provides a simple but effective way to understand the different parts of who we are.

WSN - Counselling the parts
WSN - Nature and nurture

Archetypal understanding

What archetypes provide us with is a way of better understanding ourselves and the complex world we live in. Working with WSN takes us on a journey to discover what is our nature and what is from nurture. We can begin to see the impact of our environment, personal history and genetic make-up in determining who we are and how we behave. With WSN-Counselling we have a means of interpreting what we experience within ourselves when we appear to have conflicting thoughts e.g. ‘one part of me wants to settle down, get married and look to starting a family but this other part of me loves my freedom to do what I want, when I want”.

As well as being useful for bringing about awareness and conflict resolution, WSN-Counselling can allow us to identify resources we have within us and how to tap into these resources when they will be of benefit to us. For example, perhaps we find communication particularly difficult with an individual or type of individual, embracing our WSN we might start to see the dynamics at work more clearly as well as provide a resource to positively impact that dynamic.